Why Americans prefer Online Canadian Pharmacies?


There is a famous phrase “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. It is pretty much outdated and irrelevant nowadays as this principle works in rare cases nowadays. Almost every one of us needs medications in some way or the other as most of us experience health problems and complications. With internet penetration on the rise and mobile technology on the boom, there is no doubt that Consumers, especially millennials, prefer the online store over brick and mortar drugstore. The most obvious reasons for buying drugs online is lucrative pricing. Also, online platforms offer detailed information on the drugs you want to buy available; they also provide a variety of choice, both in brand name and generic prescription drugs.

To Sum Up, following are the reasons why people prefer online shopping over brick and mortar shops:

  • It Saves Time- Time is money we all know that, and buying medicine is all about saving time as you do not have to visit different drugstores to find the medication you are looking.
  • Cost-Effective- We all know that online pharmacies offer massive discounts making it more economical for the buyer, thus allowing the end-user to save more in the long run.
  • Easy to Look for Medicines: Compared to brick and mortar shop, the online store offers a comprehensive catalogue of online medicines that gives you the flexibility to shop from a wide range of drugs.
  • Convenience- This is a particular term that sounds soothing; this is a necessary attribute of online pharmacy. E-Pharmacy is all about the convenience; it gives you the flexibility to order stuff from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorsteps.
  • Privacy- This is the most apparent benefits of online pharmacy; it offers discreteness that you can’t get when you shop from any brick and mortar shop. Every one of us has our share of awkward moments while shopping for condoms, pills, sanitary napkins and many other types of cosmetics.

Now that we have mentioned the advantages of buying prescription medicines online, let us look why people prefer it from a Canadian pharmacy:

Lower Prices- You must be familiar that prescription medicine price in the United States is highest across the world. When you compare that with other countries, prescription drugs prices are almost 80% less in Canada, India, Australia, and other foreign countries. It is the most apparent reason why prefer Canadian pharmacy.

Canada is a Neighboring Country- Canada is one of the neighboring countries that allows Canadian pharmacies to ship products as soon as they receive the order. Also, people of the United States prefer Canadian pharmacies for fast shipping and Canadian FDA.

Generic Medicine- Canadian pharmacy offers a complete catalogue of generic alternatives for expensive brand name drugs. Generics drugs are 80% cheaper than brand name drugs thus saving a hell lot of money in the long run.

Now you have got a glimpse of why people are ditching the offline sources and choosing an online Trusted Source to buy medicine online.