Understand the French bulldog diet: tips for beginners


Before getting into the subject, it is very important that you know the diet of the French bulldog and how it affects it. Therefore, we have made a summary of several things you need to know to get to know your furry better and understand him better. You already know that they are not the typical dog. So when it comes to food, they are somewhat different from other dog breeds. They have a much shorter and more acidic digestive system than ours

They lack digestive enzymes in saliva

We as omnivores have amylase in saliva, an enzyme that causes a predigesting of complex carbohydrates in the mouth before passing into the stomach. But Frenchie Dog lacks them. And therefore foods such as cereals are not fully digested. This does not mean that they cannot consume cereals since most of the feeds include them, but they have to be quality cereals and well labeled. Not all French bulldogs have problems with cereals, so it is important that you know well how your French bulldog digests them and that they do not have any food allergies to this ingredient.

They have teeth typical of a carnivore

Like any other carnivore, they have small and pointed incisors, very large fangs in relation to the other teeth and molars with serrated edges. It is a denture prepared to tear but not to grind food, because their mouths have very limited lateral movement. This gives them an advantage over us when it comes to treating meat, but not when treating other foods that require grinding prior to digestion, such as vegetables. This is coupled with the lack of amylase in saliva, which further complicates the digestion of certain vegetables.

They do not need to consume carbohydrates

They can get all the glucose they need by processing protein and fat, without affecting their nutrition if they are in sufficient quantities. Unlike us, they do not suffer from cholesterol problems, so there is no risk of diseases derived from high levels of cholesterol in the diet. They have numerous allergies related to the consumption of low-quality cereals.

An increasing number of dogs, such as Pug, suffer from skin problems and other food allergies related to cereals that include feed, and in most cases it is due to their low quality. Make sure that this ingredient suits the French bulldog and that the cereals of the feed you choose are of quality.