Features your broadband connection should have


If you are looking for a broadband connection at your place, there are a few things you need to check before you get the connection. You can find a lot of options by searching ‘broadband near me’. Though there is a lot of service provider making huge claims, most of the services would not have good customer service and you will regret your decision later on. Finding a good connection without paying a lot is not uncommon these days. Let us take a look at the features that you should have while buying your broadband services.

  1. Optic fibres vs copper cables

Wired broadband services using copper cables are very common in India. They are mostly offered with fixed landline connections and is an old technology. DSL was originally designed to transmit voice. Though there have been adjustments, they still do not offer very good speeds. Optic fibre cables have started a new era in broadband. It is built for high-speed Internet and data transmissions. They offer the same rates and depend on the ISP. Also, glass is an insulator and is not affected by environmental factors.

  1. Usage limits of broadband

A lot of unlimited broadband plans have bandwidth caps under Fair Usage Policy. You need to find if your provider is considering both upload and downloads usage. If your provider is counting upload usage, uploading photos and videos on social media would use your data limits. It is considered important to know this before you choose an Internet plan. If you know this, it will be much easier to choose a provider based on your data needs. You can check out if you can get Airtel broadband by searching broadband near me‘.

  1. Contention ratio

Although the FUP and speeds are mentioned upfront, the contention ratio is not. It is a key metric that will measure the maximum number of users that can share the fixed bandwidth on the line. So even if you are opting for a high-speed Internet connection, if the number of users is large, the contention ratio would be high. So, the resulting Internet speed would be less if the users are trying to connect simultaneously. Most service providers in India offer a contention rate of 1:30.

  1. Upload speeds

Another thing that you need to know is the upload speed of your connection. Download speed is required for streaming videos or downloading a file. Even browsing the Internet will use your download data. However, when you are sharing a file or uploading some content on social media, you are using from your upload limit. Uploads speeds are as important as downloading today. So, it is important to know the upload speeds of your connection.

A fibernet connection will offer better reliability and a 1:1 contention ratio. With growing competition and better infrastructure, you will have good options before you. These are some of the features you should have in a modern broadband connection.