The Top Benefits of Laser Cutting


Modern laser cutting involves the use of advanced technology. Today, this is something that is used for a huge selection of metal fabrication projects. There are several methods that a fabricator may use to cut metal; however, a laser cutter is considered an advanced technique. Most fabricators choose laser cutters because they can make precise cuts at high speeds. It is possible to learn more about this by reading Facebook posts from Boss Laser, or by reading the information here. Below, it is possible to learn about the top benefits offered by laser cutting.

Shorter Lead Times

One of the top things that laser cutting is known for is its ability to cut metal at fast speeds and with high levels of accuracy. When someone is dealing with a metal that is under 3/8” thick, the laser cutters can finish the project quickly. If thicker materials are being cut, the time will increase; however, these cutters will still work quickly. Modern laser cutters are ideal for both large- and small-scale projects. They can also help to reduce production time by reducing the amount of time that it takes to cut the necessary materials. Laser cutters may also be beneficial when it comes to creating prototypes. Along with the fast-cutting times, laser cutters can improve overall fabrication efficiency because several parts can be programmed and then cut at the same time.

Higher Levels of Precision

A laser cutter is unrivalled when it comes to precision. A CNC router will program the cutters to create more complex cuts and to create geometric patterns. The lasers will produce these shapes and cuts with a higher degree of accuracy. Laser cutters also help to create a smooth finish and clean edges. Anything that is in the path of the laser will be melted, vaporized, or burned. Because of this, there will be no excessive debris that may cause a rough cut. This high level of accuracy will help to create higher quality parts, while reducing waste during the production stage, too. Due to this, laser cutters will produce parts with a high level of accuracy. These are a great option for cutting parts for fabrication purposes for medical devices or aerospace parts when tighter dimensional tolerances are required.

Energy Usage

The efficiency of laser cutters along with the advanced technology results in it using less energy than other cutting methods. The fact is that laser cutters will typically use approximately 10 kW of power during a single cutting session. Other cutting mechanisms are going to use approximately 50kW of power. As manufacturers are looking to work smarter and use much less energy, for cost savings and to be “green,” laser cutters will help achieve this goal. In fact, laser cutters are considered an effective method for reducing energy use during fabrication.

When it comes to using a laser cutter, there are more than a few benefits offered. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure the desired results from a laser cutter are seen.