Smart Options for the best Japanese sex


It is not because you are far from that flirtation, or boyfriend / husband that you have to give up your sexual life. It can be done over the phone and be as exciting and enjoyable as the sex act itself. But the two of you must be in the mood and practice together, or the telephone conversation will be nothing more than a monologue. It’s natural for you to be shy the first few times, depending on who the other person is on the other end of the line. Follow this article in a how, and know exactly how to have Japanese pornstar sex on the phone and not be in doubt of what can and cannot be said and get the most out of this situation.

Sex on the phone is not a recent practice but with the advancement of technology it can gain new contours to spice up the relationship or even work as an alternative for couples who are in different cities or countries. Check out tips to get the idea in place:

Phone Sex

  1. Begin to build slowly the climate of sensuality and eroticism. Tell your partner the color of the lingerie you are wearing, what room you are in and what you are feeling, stirring up your imagination and prolonging the conversation and, consequently, the pleasure.
  2. Use phone and Skype at different times to experience sensations and stimuli that can be surprising. Communication with the camera allows the full visualization of the partner, and can reach a striptease, for example. But the phone also has its advantages, since it helps to imagine scenarios and very interesting situations.
  3. Be explicit and specific in reporting sexual positions, caresses and touches that give pleasure. The tactic can still work to counter the embarrassment of a face-to-face conversation by revealing fantasies you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Ask how he wants to be touched and what he wants to do next, completing every situation.