Roller Blade Rental: Introducing My Daughter To Roller Blades


Millennials and the generations before them who grew up playing various outdoor games perhaps are having a great time reminiscing about their childhood. Yes, scrapes from cycling events in Singapore and broken arms from playground slides may be painful, but they also made us tough and strong.

And unfortunately, today’s generation’s entertainment revolves around the internet and digital games. My daughter, for instance, is into Roblox and Minecraft. So one day, I decided to introduce rollerblades to her.


Don’t get me wrong; my daughter is familiar with other outdoor activities. She even owns a bicycle; however, we haven’t sent it to a repair bicycle shop, so she could not practically use it.

One day, I was watching Stranger Things with my daughter beside me playing something on the tablet. When the scene where the main characters were roller skating in a rink, my daughter asked, ‘mum, what are they doing?’

Roller blades were my generation’s thing even before the 2000s, and it stung a bit when my seven-year-old daughter was clueless about it. So, I explained to her what rollerblades are and how those work. But for me, the explanation was not enough. I have to show her.


So the following weekend, I visited Coastline Leisure, a roller blade rental service, and rented two pairs for rollerblades, one for me and one for my daughter.

Besides the rollerblades, they also provided safety gear, including helmets and knee and elbow pads. Good thing, I still have the groove with the rollerblades though I was a bit rusty with the turns. Teaching my daughter was extremely fun!

After teaching my daughter how to wear the safety gear Coastline Leisure lent us, I gave her a lesson on how to stand up while wearing rollerblades. She clung to me as she was looking for her balance. She was a fast learner and gained her balance in a couple of minutes!

Then I taught her how to move forward by gradually putting the weight from one foot to another while gliding. Of course, my daughter took a slide and fell, but thankfully, the gear protected her. After all, I didn’t want problems worse than a bicycle repair. But hours passed, and she achieved smooth strokes, stops, and steering!


The roller blade rental was not only for kids! They have rollerblades for adults, too, which I enjoyed the most. So if you are an adult like me who wants to relive their early days rocking the roller skate rinks, I highly suggest trying these rental roller blades!


At the end of the weekend, my daughter begged me to rent out rollerblades soon. She seemed to forget her bicycle at the repair bicycle shop.

Nevertheless, I am stoked that my daughter loved and enjoyed it as much as I did when I was her age.

Coastline Leisure

If you ever want bicycle and roller blade rental, I highly recommend Coastline Leisure. They provide high-quality and safe rollerblades and bicycles. Visit Coastline Leisure for more information.