Couples Night Out at a strip club


Do other women go to strip clubs? Do they go with friends or with their significant others? Is it weird or cool to treat your husband to a night at the strip club? What are the dos and donts of taking a spouse to a strip joint?

First things first, this needs to be a joint decision, no one has to feel that they have been coerced into doing something they just aren’t into. This can create resentment lasting years.

If it’s your first time you can expect to feel nervous but having someone you love and trust sharing the experience with you can help. The loud music, striving lights and naked bodies gyrating in every direction can be disorienting. The dancers are familiar with the regulars and they can probably spot a newbie the second they put their foot past the door. They will try to engage you, just because you are a woman walking in with a man doesn’t mean, they are trying to get your man’s attention. Logic dictates that women have more power than men, if a dancer can get the attention of the wife or girlfriend, she stands a better chance of getting better tips. And strippers being women, can read the cues that a man would be oblivious to. So, in a way, strip clubs are empowering, it’s more of a woman’s world than most people think. 

Women also tend to tip better than men. There might be some underlying psychological reason behind it but that best left to professionals who study such things. 

You can talk to a dancer and get the full 411 of how to make the most of your strip club experience. What about your man then? If it’s his first time then he might experience the same sensory overload you are experiencing. It might take him a while to snap out of it. He might also be trying so hard not get excited because he doesn’t want to give you the impression that he likes strange naked women openly flirting with him and treating him like he is the Adonis he really isn’t. Encourage him to enjoy himself, buy him a lap dance pay for a private session for the both of you. A lot has been said about how such a shared experience can spice things up for couples. 

Remember that tipping is a great thing in a strip club. If you are enjoying the stage shop, tip the performer. Even during a lap dance, you should tip.

Don’t touch unless by invitation. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you can get away with flouting club rules like the no touching rule. The rules that exist do not exempt you because you are a woman, the stripper’s boundaries extend to wives and girlfriends. Strip club security and bouncers will deal with women who misbehave in a strip club in the same way as they deal with men. 

Do not, for one minute voice your pity to dancers. The things you think you know about their lives are largely assumptions fuelled by misconceptions about stripers being desperate, down-on-their-luck. Don’t asked them about their stories. They are there working and don’t need to be saved.

Don’t try to compare yourself or assume with the dancers in a strip club or assume that you husband or boyfriend is doing that. They are probably more beautiful and more sexy than you but that is not the point. Remember that they are only acting and playing up to fantasies. Even their names are fantastical. There is no beauty contest, so relax and enjoy the ride. 

Being in a strip club amongst those naked bodies and women and sexual can be heady. Flirt with your man throughout the night and see what that gets you in the end. 

When you leave, talk about the night. What did you like and what don’t you like? Did you really enjoy yourself? Would you do it again with your partner? Talking about it might unlock some of those topics you’ve been avoiding with your man. It will give you an idea of what your husband or boyfriend might be craving