Prolong the Life of your Dog with Raw Food Diet 


Your dog will live longer if you properly care for them. This entails feeding them properly and ensuring they get the basic needs and wants they need. Every dog owner/ lover wants to have their furry friend around for as long as possible. Therefore, they may not mind investing in good quality raw foods that deliver the relevant nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Raw dog food will always be better than kibble.

But Why do Dog Owners Go for Kibbles?

Well, most of the time, it is about convenience. Kibble is easier to portion and feed your dogs than raw foods, especially if you make the raw dog food yourself. However, with companies such as Houston Raw Pet Food, you do not have to struggle with your dog.

Comparing Raw Diets Vs. Kibble

Originally, all wild dogs depended on raw diets to thrive and survive. Unfortunately, most of the kibble available today contains more carbohydrates than proteins. This high percentage of carbohydrates is not easy to digest.

However, kibble was introduced during the war when finding raw meat was not as easy. Feeding your dog’s kibble was easier because it was convenient and easy to store. Unfortunately, the habit has stuck since people seem to have gotten used to the convenience at the expense of the dog’s nutrition.

Unfortunately, the dependence on these carbohydrate-rich diets in excessive weight gain and the development of degenerative disorders can be avoided.

A raw diet ideally comprises proteins, fats, and a small number of raw vegetables. This combination offers a balanced diet that your dog needs daily. Such raw diets are also compatible with the dog’s natural system and match all their dietary needs. As a result, your dog is likely to last longer when on a raw diet than on any other diet.

What Dogs Get from Raw Diets

Besides avoiding degenerative diseases such as diabetes, a raw diet is packed with sufficient nutrients that help slow aging. As a result, these dogs will have a shiner coat and an overall healthy appearance.

Additionally, dogs on a raw diet tend to have smaller pops because most food is used up in the body.

Another big plus with a raw diet is that your dog will have an increased bout of energy. Just be sure to purchase raw pet food from a reliable company.

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