Saturday, September 23

Know the reasons for damp proofing


Water-proofing or damp-proofing is an essential part of house construction. The application of a better water-proofing system helps resist the leakage of water. Damp proofing is necessary for every house, and this moisture control process is essential while constructing a house. Here we all need to hire professionals for the best damp proofing service for damp proofing kent

Varied methods of damp-proofing

While you will apply damp proofing methods, you need to check the type of waterproofing methods is available. 


It is one of the most popular damp-proofing methods, and it contains a layer of water-barrier substances. These materials create a barrier between the source of the dampness and the part of the construction. Membrane damp proof is also known as D.P.C or the damp proof course. Here, the primarily used materials are concrete, polymers, plastics, silicone, etc. 

Guniting damp-proofing

Guniting is a technique of damp proofing, and this process is conducted using extended pneumatic pressure. Gnuiting is also famous for shot concrete. As per this process, the rich mortar layer is exposed to make the surface adequately water-resistant. 

Treatment of the surface

Another popular method of damp-proofing is a surface treatment. The professionals for damp proofing kent use substances that can resist water, which can resist the moisture entering into the construction. Sulphate or Calcium Chloride is used as a waterproof substance.

Benefits of Damp Proofing

  • Damp proofing seems an essential way to prevent the moisture developed by water. Damp proofing is necessary, especially for ceilings, floors, and walls. 
  • Adequate damp proofing is a way to prevent health issues, and this process will also keep your house safe from moulds & mildew. 
  • No unpleasant smell any more in your house once you opt for proper damp proofing in your house. 
  • The application of expert damp proofing will enhance the appearance of your house.