Maintenance of Crystal Chandeliers – When and How to Clean It?


Installing a chandelier is exciting, but cleaning it to keep it shining bright is a task that not everyone achieves with perfection. However, if you want to keep your chandelier in perfect working condition and to keep its luminescence maintained for long, thoroughly cleaning it at least once a year is necessary. 

If you have any modern fixtures of lampshades that hung low, the dust must be removed every week using a soft fiber cloth. However, if the chandelier is a traditional crystal piece hung high, let the professionals handle the cleaning every year to avoid any breakage or injuries. 

To learn, “how to clean crystal chandelier?” you can refer to the chandelier cleaning guide given on the Sofary blog. The blog mentions all the materials that you will need to keep the crystal chandelier shining for years. The experts have also explained when do you need to take the crystals off for a more thorough cleaning and all the steps required to do that are also mentioned in detail. 

The latest design technology of crystal chandeliers applies a coating to each of the crystals that are dust repellent and keeps the crystal shining without needing a yearly cleaning protocol. However, if you have an old chandelier, you might need more frequent clean-up. 

Chandelier cleaning methods

The 3 main methods that can be used to clean your chandelier are:

  1. Gloves cleaning:
  • Take chandelier cleaning solution in a spray bottle and 2 pairs of cotton gloves. 
  • Spray the solution on the glass, wipe with a damp cloth followed by wiping with a dry cloth. 
  • The method does not create a huge mess while cleaning and also keeps your fingerprints away from the crystals. 
  1. Dip dry technique:
  • First place newspaper under the chandelier to prevent your house from turning into a complete mess. 
  • Spray the entire chandelier with generous amounts of glass cleaner. 
  • A generous amount of cleaner will take away the dust and drip on the newspaper. 
  • Now let the chandelier dry on its own before putting the power plug back into the socket. 
  1. Crystal off cleaning technique:
  • When the layers of dust are too thick to be removed using the above 2 methods because you did not clean the lighting fixture for years.
  • You will have to carefully remove every crystal strand and then place them into warm water mixed with mild detergent. 
  • Rinse the crystal strands in cold water and dry them using cotton towels or gloves. 
  • Replace all the crystals to their place in the fixture. 

Cleaning a chandelier is often a complex task and you must take the following safety precautions:

  • Switch off the electricity supply to the chandelier before your start the cleaning process. 
  • Twirling or rotating the chandelier for cleaning can break the crystals in the process, instead rotate your loader to reach every part of the chandelier. 
  • Use a feather duster to clean off a thinner layer of dust every few months, this will prolong the need for deeper cleaning from 1 year to a couple of years at stretch.
  • Use a mask while cleaning to prevent inhalation of dust and mist during the process.

Chandeliers are a statement piece that makes our house look luxurious. Hence, maintaining them should not be taken lightly and if you feel you cannot do it yourself, hire a professional.