Get a Custom Built Home Designed Your Way


You have been saving money for years so that one day you can afford to buy your own home.  The time has come for you to make this dream come true.  The idea of a custom-built home is where your interest lies, and you have decided to have the home done the way you want it.  You want a reputable, top-rated builder in the Naples, FL area that specializes in luxury custom home construction.  You want them to meet your expectations by delivering high-end quality on-time work, and to stay within your budget.  You want a Naples FL Custom Home Builder that is based on the guiding principles of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, and teamwork.  

Custom home building means that you can have it your way.  You choose the design and floor plan that meet your unique needs.  These homes are a one of a kind structure specific for each client, and at a particular location.  Custom home builders generally operate by certain guidelines.

  • They build on land that they already own, which is known as a speculative home, or land that the client owns.
  • They build custom homes that are site specific, and built from a unique set of plans that are desired by the client.
  • They sometimes use the service of an architect, or they may offer design/build services.
  • They are generally small volume builders who build high end single family homes.

The cost of a custom-built home can fluctuate depending on what you want.  It could cost as much as $550.00 per square foot, but the final tally will be based on various factors related to construction costs. Upgraded interior finishing can tip the scale toward the million dollar mark. Sit down with your custom home builder to discuss the plans for your new home.