Identifying Domestic Violence and Assisting the Victim


What constitutes domestic violence

If you have ever been hit, physically injured or threatened with injury by your partner when he or she was angry, you have been the victim of domestic violence. Even threats not related to physical violence are a sign of a problem. Click here if you want to know more about us.

If your partner breaks or throws objects when he is angry, he is aggressive towards you.

If you are often offended or yelled at, you are a victim of verbal abuse.

Ask yourself if you are afraid to go home because you may be injured. If yes, you have a problem.

If your friend or partner:

  • Yelling at you, insulting you, offending you or hitting you;
  • He treats you as an object belonging to him;
  • Constantly controls you, commands you, makes all decisions solely, does not comply with you and is not interested in your opinion;
  • He abides with you, easily loses control, boasts that he behaves badly with others;
  • Imposes sexual relations against your desire and threatens you;
  • He tries to manipulate you, to blackmail you: “If you really love me, you will…”;
  • Uses drugs and alcohol and encourages you to use them;
  • Considers that you must always back down and be “obedient”.

If even one of the following is happening to you, violence can be talked about.

Your partner is prone to violence if:

almost always

  • is aggressive;
  • is aggressive towards pets;
  • there are criminal episodes in his past;
  • he is subject to a rapid change of mood – from calm to rage;
  • blames you for all the problems;
  • threatens to commit suicide if you leave;
  • always angry at someone or something, breaking and throwing things.

Types of Violence

  • Assault

It hits you, strikes you, kicks, slaps you;

Throws objects;

Threatens or injures you with a weapon;

Physically impedes your attempt to leave your home;

It locks you somewhere;

Refuses to help you when you are sick, injured, pregnant;

Prevents you from seeking medical help;

It beats the children;

Physically abusing your relatives and friends;

  • Sexual abuse

It forces you to undress against your will;

It forces you to have sexual intercourse against your will;

It forces you to have sexual intercourse after a beating;

Performs sexual intercourse with extreme cruelty;

Deliberately depriving you of sexual contact;

He is extremely jealous and accuses you of loving relationships with anyone;

Forces you to watch and / or repeat pornographic acts;

  • Emotional abuse

Constantly criticizing you, shouting and / or insulting you (for example, telling you that you are too fat or too skinny, that you are stupid and stupid, that you are a bad mother, wife, mistress);

It ignores your feelings;

It mocks your beliefs;

Forbids you to go to work;

Manipulate you by using a lie;

Offends your relatives and friends to remove them from your life;

He refuses to go out with you and meet other people;

Prevents you from maintaining relationships with your relatives and friends;

Does not allow you to make phone calls;

Fully controls the family budget and makes financial decisions on its own;

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