Register a Childcare Center in Singapore


The economic development and the status of being one of the safest states in the world make Singapore a suitable place to settle down and raise children in. This is why, starting and registering a business that caters to children’s needs is ideal for those who seek to open a business in Singapore.

This article explains how one can start a childcare center in Singapore. Here, we outline the laws that govern the childcare sector in Singapore, and how to register a company under the industry.

Requirements to Open a Childcare Center in Singapore

The Child Care Centers Law governs the establishment of a childcare center in Singapore. Before anyone can set up a center for children, the business owner must comply with the following requirements:

  • The person applying for a child care permit must be at least 21 years of age;
  • The applicant and managers of the child care center must be free of any criminal records;
  • Employees of the center must have pre-school teaching diplomas;
  • Applicants must register as any of the available structures to operate.

Further foreign investors can open a childcare center in Singapore. There is no minimum share capital requirement to set up a childcare center in Singapore. If the company wishes to incorporate, the business owner must acquire the approval of the Early Childhood Development Authority.

Applying for a Child Care License

To apply for a childcare license, the business owner must apply with the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development. In his application, he must present and submit the following documents:

  • Daily programs and menus for each age group of children;
  • A detailed plan of the child care center premises, prepared in 1:100 scale;
  • A requirements guide for the parents
  • An outline detailing the information about the educators, including their qualifications, and accompanied by the director’s signature.

You can apply for a child care license online. After submitting the license application, the applicant will receive an email. This email will request the applicant to contact an Early Childhood Officer to schedule a pre-licensing visit. This visit will ensure that your child care premises are child-friendly and ready for operation.

It often takes more or less 14 working days for the license to come through. If the child care center is part of community service or employee benefit plan, the company can get financial support for developing the center.

Child Care Center  Registration

To register the child care center in Singapore, the business owner can personally visit or apply online with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You can choose to start your business as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or corporation.

If you decided to set up as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you are required to pay your Medisave contribution on December 31st of the year before the business is registered.  Otherwise, your license will not be approved.

Benefits of Childcare Companies in Singapore

The childcare business in Singapore is very profitable. Depending on the type of child care center structure you choose, you can charge up to S$ 2,000 a month. Additionally, there are also several financing or funding support child care centers can avail of. What more, you will help raise the youth into future builders of the world.

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