Saturday, September 23

Best Phone Spy App to Spy on Android Phones



Are you looking for the best spy app to secretly monitor an android phone? We have reviewed the top-notch cell phone tracking apps to find out the most efficient one. When compared with others, TheOneSpy is found to be the most reliable android monitoring solution. It offers a wide range of high-tech features enabling users to remotely supervise an android cell phone or tablet. The app is intended for parents and employers to keep tabs on digital activities of children and employees. Read on to know about features of the best spy app for android mobile phones and tablets.

TheOneSpy Android Parental Control App

The tracking app enables the end-user to remotely monitor and operate a cell phone running Android OS. It allows tracking any rooted or unrooted mobile phone running Android OS 5 and above. The web-based control panel of the tracking app allows controlling the targeted device without access. The app enables parents to protect their children from vulnerabilities of the digital world including cyberbullying and child predation. The business persons can monitor and boost employees’ productivity keeping them from unproductive tasks. 

Core Features of Android Spyware Solution

The phone tracker app offers innumerable features letting users to sneak into a cell phone device without letting the user know. Given are the most important features of the app. 

Read SMS & MMS

You can read messages received and sent by your target without accessing his phone. The spy app installed on the targeted device syncs all incoming and outgoing messages and uploads to the web portal. The end-user of the app can log into the online portal to read these messages and get contact information of message sending and receiving parties.

Call Recording

The app lets you listen to the phone calls of your concerned persons without letting them know. It secretly records all phone calls received and made through the monitored cell phone. The end-user of the parental control app can listen to these calls and get contact numbers of callers and recipients through online control panel. 

Screen Recording

The android surveillance app allows witnessing every activity performed on the targeted phone. It records phone screen to capture whatever appears on it. It also takes screenshots with a certain interval as per instructions of the spy app user. 

Take Over Camera

The high-tech surveillance app lets you take over front and back cameras of the targeted android device. You can send a command via online control panel to turn on photo or video camera and can take pictures and record short videos. The photos and videos get uploaded to the online portal from where you can retrieve them anytime.

Take Over Microphone

If you want to listen to the conversations of your target, you can send command to the targeted phone to turn on microphone. The spy app secretly turns on MIC and lets you listen to the surrounding sounds. You can also record these sounds and retrieve voice recordings via online portal.

Watch out Social Media

The parental control software allows supervising activities performed on popular social and instant messaging apps. It includes but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, Tumblr, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Skype, IMO, Line, Viber, Hangout, Hike and Yahoo messenger.    

Block/Unblock Apps

Parents can reduce screen time of their kids by blocking their access to engaging mobile apps. The parental control app allows blocking, unblocking and uninstalling mobile phone apps right from the web-based control panel.

Data Backup

The cell phone monitoring app enables parents and employers to secure data saved on targeted device. The business persons can secure important business contacts and sensitive data by creating online backup. Parents can protect their kids’ photos, videos and chats by uploading them to the online storage of TheOneSpy.   

Track Contacts

The contact list of the targeted device can be traced and managed without access via online portal of the spy app. You can add new contacts and delete previous ones without accessing the target device.

How to Get the Android Tracker App

The cell phone spy app for android devices can be subscribed and downloaded from the official website of TheOneSpy. Install the app on the targeted android phone and start tracking your concerned ones.