Saturday, September 23

Breast Cancer Treatment- What to Consider When Choosing your Doctors


Having the best team of specialists by your side during your breast cancer treatment can make all the difference.

The specialists may include:

  • A medical oncologist
  • A surgical oncologist
  • A radiation oncologist
  • A care manager
  • A genetic counselor
  • A plastic surgeon

While you may be tempted to rush into decisions to start treatment immediately, it would be best to choose the specialists carefully. Keep in mind that these doctors will influence how your treatment will progress.

Consider these things when choosing breast cancer Orange County doctors:

Do they communicate well?

It’s essential that your doctor speaks in a way you can understand and take your concerns seriously. You don’t want your doctor to speak in jargon or dismiss your questions.

It would help to bring a family member or friend to your appointment to get a new perspective about the doctor.

Are your concerns treated with respect?

Don’t be afraid to raise your concerns no matter how trivial you may think they are.

Does the team treat those concerns with respect? Do they provide satisfactory answers to your questions?

How is the office environment?

Pay attention to the office environment.

Is the staff helpful, friendly, and accessible? If getting answers to your questions proves difficult, it would be best to look for other options.

Could you work with the team for a long time?

Depending on the type of cancer, the team could be working with you for a couple of years. As such, you need specialists who will be in practice for a long time. They should also have likable personalities so that you can relate well.

Do you need a second opinion?

Your goal is to get the best care throughout your treatment. Therefore, do not be afraid to seek a second opinion if you don’t feel particularly confident with the doctors. Sometimes it’s best to switch doctors early enough to be comfortable with the care.