Best types of horse-riding boots for absolute beginners


Beginner horse riders

Planning to start a new career in horse riding? If yes, then you are in the right place. You may be wondering what all equipment’s and accessories a beginner needs to get started with horse riding. To your knowledge, all the expert horse riders focus on their footwear and clothing. 

There are many scientific explanations as to why you must pay attention to horse riding boots for becoming a professional horse racer. One of the most common and sensible reason is that the riding boots are capable of giving you protection and safety features. 

After all, we all have seen those swampy horse stable at some part of our life. Thus, horse riding boots are specially designed to protect your delicate skin from the muddy ground where there is a possibility of contracting a skin disease. 

If you don’t have an idea of which is the best horse riding boots suitable for you, then you should probably read the upcoming lines. 

4 Best types of horse riding boots with their benefits

  • Side zipper boots

How many times you have to struggle to wear a boot? Guess what, every time! Wearing a riding boot can become annoying and irritating with those small-sized laces. You not only waste time tying up those laces, but your hands also have to struggle with maintaining a proper grip with them. 

In such a scenario, a pair of side zipper boots are perfect for you. The name itself gives the idea that instead of lace, there are zippers and chains for locking. 

You just have to zip up the lock and head away for enjoying the horse ride. And yes, they will help the boots to stick with your legs until somebody unzips.

  • Winter Paddock boots

Paddock boots have been a favourite choice of every horse rider over the years. A paddock boot is usually available in small size, but many popular brands manufacture long-sized paddock boots. 

If you are staying in places where there is a chance of extreme cold weather condition, then, fortunately, you have multiple options for winter horse riding boots. Although, expert’s riders suggest going for winter paddock boots which is extra benefits. 

Apart from protecting your legs from getting freeze, they also provide waterproof features. 

  • Dress boots

In most countries, dress boots are referred to as short leather riding shoes, which are more likely to be worn by men. Although, in few parts of the world, dress boots are worn as an alternative to part wear.

For a beginner, dress boots will be an ideal choice to start off with their journey. The lightweight design and cost-effective price range is what every rookie needs. 

  • Tall boots

Tall boots, better known as field boots, comes in long size only, thus the name. If you want to include tall boots in your shoe, try looking for the zip lock on the front side. 

It’s great for farmers and field workers who have exposure to the swampy ground and danger of snake bites.