6 Levels You Need to Know About Commercial DOT Inspection


For experienced and novice truckers, the DOT Inspection could be some of the most challenging inspections. Some carriers have trouble sleeping because of the consequences of earning an unsatisfactory grade. There are many consequences for failing mobile commercial DOT inspection service in Prescott Valley, AZ.

These include increased insurance costs to a tarnished image, so you must do everything right before your vehicle is scheduled for inspection. So read on to know the six levels of DOT Inspections.

North American Standard Inspection

The most frequent and comprehensive DOT audits are level I inspections. The DOT auditor examines important papers during these inspections, including:

  • The driver’s license (CDL) of the car’s driver;
  • The doctor’s certificate attesting that the driver cleared their yearly DOT physical examination;
  • If appropriate, a medical waiver and logbook documents for the previous eight on-duty dates indicate periods of service history.

Additionally, the auditor will look for drug or alcohol abuse indications. Last but not least, the examination expert will also check the safety harness, fuel, etc.

Walk-around inspection

In level 2 inspection, every other process is the same as level 1. However, there is one additional check-in at this level. For a complete inspection, the inspector must go underneath the car. It takes roughly 30 minutes to perform a level II check.

To fulfil DOT requirements, drivers must regularly inspect the car before and after operating it, according to DOT driver vehicle Prescott Valley, AZ audit checklists.

Driver-only inspection

The auditor will carefully examine the documentation of the vehicle driver. The SPC certificate, license, medical clearance, and safety belt are inspected. The auditor will also go through any driver-signed vehicle documentation. Inspections at level III usually require 15 minutes.

Special inspection

One-time checks that focus on a single item are considered level IV checks. These are often arranged to confirm or refute a prior car claim. A level IV examination may take longer, depending on the situation.

Vehicle-only inspection

Tests in level V look more closely at everything described at a level I. The absence of the vehicle driver is the only distinction between both. This process entails testing the car’s steering, springs, brakes, and electrical wires. The length of a level V examination is up to 45 minutes.

Radioactive shipments enhanced NAS inspection.

For some shipments of radioactive materials, this examination is used. Only certain radiological shipments meet the requirements of DOT’s title 49 section 173.403 for road route-controlled amounts. Before leaving, the goods, drivers, and vehicles should clear this inspection. Normally, a level VI DOT inspection in Prescott Valley, AZ, takes up to about 60 minutes.

Once finished, the CMV will have a unique nuclear sign added to it to show that a level VI inspection was completed. This nuclear sign is only suitable for one journey, and it will be taken off when you get there.

Any owner of a commercial vehicle in Prescott Valley, AZ, be aware that to lawfully operate their vehicle on public roads, you must complete a DOT check for twelve months. Failing to do so violates the law and puts other drivers in danger. As a result, the vehicle could be operating while having problems that jeopardise its performance. And there is multiple mobile commercial DOT inspection service in Prescott Valley, AZ. So, start applying for the inspection today.