Saturday, September 30

2 Ways To Make a Child More Active


When kids have a lot of time on their hands, it’s often video games they turn to. Parents may prefer a child does something more active or productive, but video game engagement is actually growing among kids. It leaves many moms and dads scratching their heads to find a more suitable endeavor, especially during a summer vacation when kids are free for weeks or months at a time. Here are two alternatives that will help increase your child’s activity.

Sports Schools

If your child spends time playing sports video games, he or she may be interested in attending a sports school. These institutions are typically highly organized, helping kids learn the importance of structure. A heavy focus is placed on exercise and fitness, which benefits a child’s health, and the instruction hones the student’s individual sports skills so they can perform better on the field, improving not only self-confidence but perhaps also assisting him or her earn a scholarship or other higher learning opportunity. Additionally, sending a child to Oregon wrestling and football schools, or those in your area, will help develop his or her strategic thinking and problem solving skills.

Summer Camps

A great way for kids to learn valuable life lessons is by sending them to summer camp. More than 11 millions kids and adults participate in these camps each year, oftentimes building friendships that will last a lifetime. Camps also help children learn teamwork and responsibility, as well as become more independent. There are ample opportunities for exercise and play, as well as exploring nature. Oftentimes, campers get to know individuals of different races, religions and orientations, which teaches important lessons in seeing past and respecting others’ differences.

Sports schools and summer camps are great ways to increase a child’s activity. They also offer a much-needed break for mom and dad.