Proven Methods to Get Real Instagram Followers this Week


Are you looking to attract new followers on Instagram? If so, you should follow the proven methods that have worked time and time again for accounts of all sizes. Such working methods include engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags, and creating a compelling bio.

But which method is the best? If you want real followers to your Instagram account, you should consider these strategies first. They are guaranteed to increase your profile visibility and engagement. Read on to learn how to get real Instagram followers.

To help in this process, we’ve listed even more of the most effective growth methods for you below.


If you want to grow your Instagram audience, you must adopt proven methods to attract real Instagram followers. However, you must avoid copying your competitors’ strategies. Instead, use tools like Social Sensei to analyze what drives engagement and what your competitors are doing. With this tool, you can learn what makes your competitors’ followers happy. Listed below are some of the best methods to attract real Instagram followers. Try these strategies and watch your Instagram audience grow!

First of all, take good photos. People love tagging their friends in content they read. For instance, you could add the hashtag #BOSSBABE to your photos and ask your followers to tag friends who are also bossbabes. Another way to attract Instagram followers is to tag your location. This way, your post will be discovered by more people and will be more engaging. You should also include a call-to-action in your post. You can also include a question or call-to-action. Make sure to add a call-to-action at the end of the post.

Using relevant hashtags

The use of relevant hashtags can be beneficial to your social media marketing campaigns. They can help you analyze your share of voice on social media. The ideal share of voice occurs when your customers tag you in their posts. For example, you could use celebrity hashtags if you are blogging about the entertainment industry, or trying to get attention on the latest trending shows on NetFlix and Hulu. Also, hashtags can help you find content inspiration and compare your content to competitor’s posts. This strategy is effective for all social media marketing campaigns.

Once you’ve created a list of relevant hashtags, you can start using them in your posts. To determine which hashtags have the best reach, use a hashtag browser to find similar hashtags. Alternatively, use an external discovery tool, such as RiteTag, to find the best hashtags. RiteTag allows you to search for trending hashtags and find the ones that are most effective for your business.

Creating a clear value proposition

A clear value proposition is one of the most important elements in establishing your Instagram account. You should determine what exactly it is that you offer your followers. It can range from styling tips to inspirational quotes to lifestyle content. It doesn’t have to be the same for all your content – Christina Galbato recommends creating 3-5 content pillars related to your niche. It should include something that the reader will find valuable and appealing.

A value proposition should be centered on the impact your business has on customers. This will help you boost your marketing strategy by providing valuable information to your customers. Make sure to include facts and hard figures to back up your claims. Keep in mind that 65% of people learn visually, so incorporating images will help you capture their attention. You should also make sure to use language that speaks to your target audience. Avoid using jargon that may confuse them. It should also reflect your company’s values.

Creating a bio

If you’d like to gain more followers on Instagram, you should write a compelling bio. Instagram’s character limit is only 150 characters, but you can make your bio stand out from the crowd by using different fonts and symbols. It is also helpful to include one clickable link, such as your website, if you have one. Don’t just include a link to your website; you can also direct followers to your new content, such as a new blog post.

Your bio can tell your audience more about you than you can possibly explain. It should include what your business or brand offers. It should also differentiate you from your competitors. If you’re a graphic designer, you can add something like “Graphic Designer” in the name field. While keywords don’t help you get ranked higher in search results, they do help your audience learn about your values, goals, and interests.

Using a contest or campaign

Using a contest or campaign to get Instagram followers can be a great way to gain exposure for your brand and increase engagement. Depending on your target audience, there may be a few different ways you can use a contest to increase your follower count. A popular example of an engaging Instagram contest is one that is centered on a hashtag without the brand name. This type of contest is highly effective because of the hashtag that links the contest’s content and drives participation.

A contest on Instagram can be easily monitored manually, but it’s best to assign someone to track the entries daily. It’s also essential to make sure that you measure results from each submission. A good rule of thumb is to have as few fields as possible. Too many fields will discourage potential participants, while too few will fail to increase your Instagram following and capture data about your prospects. However, if you’re promoting your brand on Instagram and plan to run a contest that will reach a wide audience, you might want to use a tool that is designed specifically for Instagram.

Embedding your content

Embedding your content on your website will boost your SEO efforts and provide a direct path to real Instagram followers. The only problem is that it requires you to edit your embed code every time you create a new post. The following steps will make the process as easy as possible. Read on to discover how or you can also engage website development services to improve the content on your website by clicking Follow these tips to gain real Instagram followers on your website. You will soon be amazed by the results!

Embedding your content on your website gives your website visitors a sense of freshness. Your website visitors won’t feel the same way if you only publish static content. Social media is known to influence your purchasing decisions. The best part is that embedding your Instagram feed on your website can help you create a sense of community among your visitors. Moreover, you can publish short pieces of content to your site.