Phoenix HOA management companies and duties carried out by them


Phoenix has seen its population increase exponentially and looking for the companies who can very well set up the housing for the people perfectly without any hindrance for happy and hassle free living. Lots of condominium and other common interest communities will use third-party management services to help the homeowner’s association fulfill their duties. It purely depends on the manager that is chosen and the contract that has been negotiated to take up the services, the management is bound to take over almost every duty of the HOA, or could have a very minimal role.

The role of the homeowner’s association in a particular community depends on the powers that the covenants, codes and restrictions give it. HOA is responsible for collecting the dues, using them to pay the bills and administering the reserve fund, which saves money for major expenses. They also enforce the community’s rules and mediate disputes between community members. There are Phoenix HOA management companies that take complete in charge of all the HOA related activities

Different Phoenix HOA management companies and the services provided

  1. The Following are the Phoenix HOA management companies that take up HOA Management services in and around Phoenix Spectrum Associate Management- This is structured and based upon on three major principles as follows, Customer Service, Communication and Expertise. Because they are totally organized around these core principles, that they can deliver a superior service product to the people and the homeowners.
  2. Associa Arizona- Associa is the top most leaders in community management. They excel by helping associations across Phoenix to achieve their visions with national resources and local expertise.
  3. Community Financials-Helps getting financial reports and people’s accounting questions answered. They also make self-managed or considering it for their community. They help boards Collect, Protect and Report on their funds nationwide.