Important Tips to Create Impressive Coming Soon Pages for Your Website


Coming Soon or Under-Construction webpage is a nice way to tell your website visitors that the site is down for maintenance works. It is a good way to greet your website visitors and customers, as it clearly addresses their curiosities and anticipations.

Coming Soon Pages allows businesses to answer why, what, and how, questions of the visitors. Let us learn ways to make this page interesting for your website visitors.

Below are mentioned some of the significant benefits of a Coming Soon webpage.

  • This webpage lets people get informed of why the website is down.
  • Some of these temporary web pages come with a countdown timer, which tells when it will be up again.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity to make more email subscribers, and obtain sales leads.
  • These pages help in retaining the readership, because you are clearly stating that they are a temporary page.
  • A properly designed Coming Soon webpage creates interest and anticipation among visitors that compels them to keep coming back to check.

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Here are a few tips on how you can create an impressive Coming Soon webpage:

Use Creative Words

One of the ways by which you can create interest and engagement among website visitors is by being creative. Instead of usual and boring sentences on the website, such as “this site is under construction”, or “coming soon” you can add more information to make it worth the wait for the visitors.

You will need to be creative with the words or text you use. Some of the good phrases, that you can try can be “something big is coming your way”, “be the first one to know soon”, and “drop by again soon”. You can even frame your words in the form of questions such as “are you prepared for this?” – It will help in catching the interest of your users.

Give them a little hint of What is Coming

The coming soon page is a way to tell visitors about what is in store for them. You can give them a hint about how you can give them better solutions with your new business plan. You can also add a screenshot of the upcoming page template, or let them know about your new product launch.


To develop and market a professional app or website takes a lot of time, maybe years. In order to prevent losing or disappointing your existing customers, it is important to communicate effectively with them. Coming up page is the best way to tell them that you are working for them.

If you want to redirect users from that page, make sure you use 302 Redirect to inform the search engine crawlers that the change is only temporary. That will ensure that you do not lose out on the rankings that you have already earned on that page. You can do it easily with the help of redirect WordPress plugin.