Important Indicators to Know About The Perfect Time When You Should Go For Kidney Function Test


According to the anatomy of the body, our kidneys have the ability to remove all types of wastes from the urine and blood of the body. Along with this, they also contribute to other key functions including blood pressure management, production of red blood cells, controlling the pH levels, and much more. This alone is a clear indication of the importance of kidney function and why it is necessary to get a kidney function test conducted as soon as you notice any symptoms that might suggest issues with the same.

Without a healthy functioning kidney, the key function of maintaining the fluid balance within the body while filtering out the waste will not be performed to its full effectiveness, posing additional threats to your health. If you are unsure when to book the KFT test in Delhi or any other city, here are some important indicators you need to be aware of to know when it is time to visit the doctor and book the KFT test so you know what’s happening within.

#1 Constant Tiredness

The first evident sign of potential kidney disease is the constant feeling of exhaustion or tiredness throughout the day. The main reason behind this is the reduced production of an important hormone made in kidneys called erythropoietin, which directly impacts the production of red blood cells in the body. If there are issues with the kidney, this hormone is produced in lesser quantity and thus fewer red blood cells are produced. This reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of RBCs to the brain and muscles and thus you get tired quickly.

#2 Dry Irritable Skin

A lesser-known benefit of healthy kidneys is their ability to contribute to the overall strength of the bones within your body while maintaining the right level of minerals in the blood. Now, if the kidney is not functioning well, it can start showing up on the skin as one of the most visible signs to look out for as the reason behind it can be an imbalance between the nutrients and minerals present in the bloodstream. To know whether the dry irritable skin is an aftermath of the weather outside or a kidney function issue, book a KFT test in Delhi and find out.

#3 Frequent Urination With Blood or Foam Texture

One of the most evident signs of potential kidney disease or a urine infection is the urge to urinate constantly. This is because the filters within the kidney might have been damaged. In addition to that, this filter damage can cause the reduced RBCs to leak into the urine and this needs urgent medical assistance. Furthermore, some people also witness the production of excessive bubbles when the urine is foamy which is a clear sign of protein overdose.

#4 Swollen Face

At times, if the kidney function is not in check, they tend to not filter out the toxins from the body fluids which can cause the face to puff up and look swollen. However, there are many more reasons that can cause this so it is important to book a KFT test in Delhi to rule out the possibility of kidney disease before it is too late.

In conclusion, there are multiple other signs that can indicate the need for a KFT test including loss of appetite, loss of sleep, difficulty in breathing, stomach issues, nausea, etc. The best way to rule out the possibility of any underlying kidney infection or disease is to not think twice and book a KFT test in your city and get tested before the symptoms overpower your day-to-day activities. Beware of the small and impactful symptoms to ensure you are healthy from within.