What is a Text-to-Donate Fundraiser Platform?


Several organizations use text-to-give as well as text-to-donate mutually to explain their text-based mobile fundraising techniques. Although text-to-give, as well as text-to-donate, have resemblances, key distinctions in the setup as well as donation procedure different the two right into totally different fundraising types.

What is Text-to-Give?

Text-to-give can be defined as a carrier-based cellphone fundraising way that enables fans to provide using text. Supporters message a keyword phrase to a lesser number called a short code, and the donation amount is added to the fans’ phone expense.

How does Text-to-Give work?

When a company receives text-to-give:

  • The organization sets up a brief code, project keywords, and donation amount. In some cases, they can additionally set up repeating donation alternatives.
  • When a fan feels motivated, they text the campaign key phrase to the brief code.
  • The pre-determined donation quantity is billed to the fan’s cell phone expense by their provider.
  • The service provider processes the contributions and transfers the total contributions to the company.

Why select Text-to-Give?

The text-to-give procedure is completed with a couple of text messages, needing little initiative from your advocates. Organizations that get approved for text-to-give only demand to establish a brief code, keyword phrase as well as contribution quantity.

What is Text-to-Donate?

Text-to-donate is a form-based mobile fundraising technique that is initiated via text as well as ends when details of the supporters are entered on a mobile offering page.

How does Text-to-Donate work?

After an organization signs-up for text-to-donate:

  • The organization will set up a project keyword phrase and mobile offering page, such as church texting.
  • When a fan really feels motivated, they message the campaign search phrase to a shortcode.
  • Fans get in the quantity they want to contribute as well as obtain a link to the mobile offering web page.
  • Advocates complete the procedure by entering their details on the mobile giving page.

Why pick Text-to-Donate?

There are no minimum needs, so organizations of all sizes, as well as goals, can make use of text-to-donate. Text-to-donate enables advocates to make custom contribution amounts, established recurring donations as well as balance out processing fees.