Types of Computer Screens


Monitor is one of the most important accessories for computers. There are many types and styles of monitors on the market now. Some people don’t know the parameters of the display when purchasing the display screen. They only pay attention to the outside of the display screen. So it is easy for merchants to cheat you into buying a bad display screen. When purchasing a display screen, we need to know the type of screen, so that we can buy it with facility.

According to the division and level of different positioning of the display, there are many types of display screens. There aresome points we should know. There are three common screen types in the market, TN panel, IPS panel and VA panel. When purchasing monitors, it is necessary to have a general understanding of the characteristics of these three screens.

TN Panel

The full name of TN panel is Wisted Nematic, and the price of this panel is relatively affordable. Some entry-level displays and liquid crystal displays use TN panels. The feature of TN panelis fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules in the screen. When running the computer, the response time is faster. However, its color resolution is not as good as IPS and VA panels. TN panel is a soft screen, and similar water patterns will appear when your finger strokes lightly on the screen. This kind of screen with poor quality has been eliminated by the market.

IPS Panel

IPS panel is characterized by its two poles on one side. Different from the electrodes of other LCD screens. The electrodes of some display screens are arranged in three dimensions on the upper and lower sides. But it is on the same plane, and no matter in what state, the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen. It will reduce the light transmittance. So IPS applications in LCD TV will require more backlights. The most common use of IPS panels is laptops, such as the new HONOR MagicBook Pro, which uses IPS anti-glare fog screens.

When people use a laptop, the screen is sloping upwards, which causes inevitable reflection. If you are using a mirror screen, the degree of reflection will make you unable to see it. If you are using a foggy screen, there will be no reflection under the light and the experience will be better.

VA Panel:

What is the most widely used and frequently used display in the market? It must be the VA panel display, which has two types: the MVA panel dominated by Fujitsu and the PVA panel developed by Samsung. The PVA panel is built on the basis of the former. It has inherited something and improved by the designers. VA panel is a panel type with more high-end liquid crystal applications and belongs to a wide viewing angle panel. Compared with TN panel, 8-bit panel can provide 16.7 M color and large visual angle. It is the capital for this kind of panel to locate the high end. The price is much more expensive than TN panel and IPS panel.