Read This to Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Almost all homes and offices have carpets and therefore it is necessary to get your carpet professionally cleaned by using the service of any suitable dry cleaner company chosen from the website of Flooring Domain.

Obviously, it is not possible to clean your carpet as easily without using any proper equipment and necessary cleaning materials at hand. Buying those expensive carpet cleaning machines may not be possible for many commercial establishments too and hence it is always better to seek help from a professional company.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you a little insight into the professional cleaning services and the common processes adopted for cleaning by these companies.

The following are the few steps that are involved during the carpet cleaning process, which is explained below.

1.    Dry dust removal

In the carpet cleaning process, dry dust/soil removal will be the first step. This type of cleaning technique is considered healthier than the wet cleaning method. It will be easier to clean the entire dirt or dust from the difficult carpet spaces as it makes it easier to clear out the entire dust without creating any harm to the carpet.

The professional cleaners with this technique, will wipe the dirt present

in the carpet with the help of vacuuming and maintain the carpet fibers neat and tidy.

2.    Soil suspension

On any premises, carpets are one the most sensitive elements. Since dirt and debris always remain inside the rugs that spread germs all around. Also, if you go for cleaning it with the regular cleaning process, then it may lose its shelf-life and can get damaged quickly.

So, professionals use the soil suspension method as the next step. Soil suspension will be characterized by four factors:

  • By using heat or temperature speeding up of the chemical reaction
  • Applying disinfectant chemicals
  • The chemical distribution is held due to agitation of carpet fibers
  • Dwelling time to complete chemical reaction

It is a complete professional method and only expert professionals can perform it correctly without harming the carpet fibers.

3.    Soil extraction

Another useful step in the carpet cleaning process is soil extraction. Usually, it is performed by applying hot water for extracting the soil out of the carpet. Typically, the soil contains tiny particles that we cannot easily see with our eyes.

Hence, with normal methods, such particles cannot be removed from the rugs. However, with this method, your carpet will be pre-conditioned and that will help in liquifying soil as well as oily substances from your carpet fibers. Thereafter heating the water and extraction will be applied with vacuuming.

4.    Grooming

After the completion of the entire carpet cleaning process, the grooming process starts. Various stuff like all furniture and a few other essential belongings are placed in their respective places for maintaining the frizz-free appearance of the space.

This kind of steam cleaners is necessary at least once a year so that your carpet will not only maintain a healthy and fresh appearance, but also keep the occupant of the home free from any allergens.