Know About Best Time to Visit Bali Indonesia


Though it’s technically under the equator from the southern hemisphere (exactly 8° south of the equator if you want to become exact ) and the seasons are opposite those of the Northern Hemisphere, Bali has a hot, tropical climate throughout the year. This means that they do not experience the same shifting of the seasons, just like you’d see in New Zealand.

Temperatures in Bali do not change much during the entire year. Both different seasons in Bali are only the rainy season and the rainy season. Otherwise called the busy tourism season, along with also the busier tourism period.

This might seem pretty straight ahead you wish to see throughout the dry season. We believe the answer is merely a little more complicated than that.

There are pros and cons to seeing both seasons and just like with any destination, as the weather is less predictable as we want it to be.

What time of year is ideal to go to Bali?

Simply speaking, you will have the very best chance of comfy weather during the summit of the dry period (June – August). Our personal choice is to stop by Bali through the shoulder periods, but more about this later.

Truthfully, much like all queries of this type, there’s not an appropriate response. Bali makes a superb destination for both vacationers and electronic nomads throughout the year. Each year has its very own special draws (and disadvantages also ).

Weather in Bali

As we mentioned previously, Bali mostly has two different seasons: the rainy season and the rainy season.

On the other hand, the volcanic peaks that compose the middle of this island will have warmer temperatures and more rain than the coastal locations.

The temptation to escape winter months at the southern quadrant, along with minimal rain and reduced humidity in Bali, creates the dry season, a hectic time to see.

Accommodation may also be tough to come with all these tourists on vacation, so it is a fantastic idea to reserve in advance when you want to see throughout Bali during that period of the year.

Best places to go during the dry year in Bali

Amed: the most favorite diving area in Bali’s west coast, home to the renowned USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Off-the-beaten-track destinations like Sideman: a 45-minute drive from Ubud, wonderful laidback countryside full of rolling mountains and rice terraces

Get off to the neighboring islands like Nusa Penida, Lombok (which comprises the famed Gili Islands), or even Flores.

Rainy Season in Bali

Temperatures are in their greatest during that period of Bali’s season, and together, the regular precipitation comes packed with humidity. Insects, because we all know, like humidity, therefore be well ready to fight off swarms of mosquitoes!

Bali is fairly filled with tourists throughout the year, but this is “low season” for tourism due to the humidity and rain. During the rainy season, however, you are very most likely to acquire the sun between showers.

Best places to go during the rainy season in Bali

Important tourist attractions like temples since They’ll be crowded:

Tanah Lot Temple – make sure to see during low tide so that you may walk out into the temple entrance and be blessed with all the spring water which escapes from the temple and is deemed sacred.

They’re everywhere and quite respectful. Ensure that to have your luggage zipped and close to a body in any way at times. Place anything and sunglasses loose in your luggage while still here, or people monkeys might attempt to intimidate you. If you’re holding a camera or phone, be sure to maintain a fantastic grip on it and then keep it close to your body if not being used.

Ubud Monkey Forest – among the most well-known attractions in Ubud, is a fantastic place to see during holidays, especially if you go while it is drizzling out.

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