How To Tidy Up Your Bedside Table In Singapore


Also known as a nightstand, the bedside table in Singapore has become a bedroom staple in many households. Many homeowners loved the furniture piece due to its functionality and decorative quality. It usually goes on either side of the bed, but you can also choose to only get one for interior design reasons or floor space issues.

A bedside table can hold various items like your phone, charger, eyeglasses, keys, wallet, spare change, a glass of water, medication, tissues, or a lamp. But like the glass coffee table in your Singapore living room, a bedside table can enhance your bedroom’s appearance. It comes in many styles that could match or complement your aesthetics and make your sleeping quarters look more put together.

Due to its functions, a bedside table in Singapore can become messy. It can become cluttered with books, cups, jewellery, and other items you keep within reach while lying on your bed. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple steps to declutter and organise your bedside table.

But before learning how to tidy up your bedside table, would you like to learn about the fascinating story behind its invention?

The Brief History Of Bedside Tables

Like your console table in Singapore, the bedside table became a staple household item during the 18th century. Back then, homeowners did not use them to spruce up their bedrooms or keep things like a glass of water or a wallet. They used their nightstands to store their chamber pots, a portable toilet that helped them relieve themselves without leaving their bedrooms.

After the invention of toilets, the bedside table became the nightstand you know and love today. Instead of having a cabinet that houses a chamber pot, it has various storage compartments and comes in many different styles.

Decluttering Your Bedside Table

Cleaning and organising a bedside table may seem bothersome for some householders, but tidying such a small piece of furniture is less complicated than you think. To help you neaten your nightstand, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Take Everything Off Your Bedside Table

Like organising the marble kitchen counter, wood junk drawer, or round coffee table in your Singapore dwelling, you should start tidying your bedside table by clearing out its contents. Doing so will help you easily clean and neatly arrange its contents.

2. Categorise Your Possessions

Once you have your bedside table items on your bedroom floor, categorise them according to functionality. Put items you need when you go to bed and wake up on one pile, and place possessions that do not have the same importance in another. You can also create another stack for things you can throw or give to someone else.

3. Consider Investing In Organisers

Having trays, caddies, and dishes on your bedside table in Singapore will be life-changing. These organisers will allow you to keep your belongings according to type and importance, allowing you to find them effortlessly and make your nightstand look neat.

4. Practise Being Organised Every Day

You should use your organisation skills daily to have a clutter-free bedside table. Doing so will keep items from accumulating on your nightstand and keep it from looking tidy.

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