How To Provide Enrichment for Students


If you have a bright student who tends to buzz through his or her schoolwork without being challenged very much, then you might be wondering how to provide some enrichment to take your student to the next level academically. A few of the following ideas may be just what you need.


Your student can never, ever get enough of reading. Provide books of all kinds, matching your student’s interests but also challenging your student to branch out in new directions. Make sure your student has a library card for both the school and public libraries, and visit the library with him or her often to hunt for books together. Also, read with your student. If your student is young, read to him or her, and have your student read to you. If your student is a little older, read the same books, and then discuss them. You will both learn.


If your student finishes homework quickly but wants more, consider purchasing some workbooks. Writing workbooks can guide your student through the process of writing good sentences, paragraphs and essays, for example. Math workbooks can provide more challenging problems and help your student work up to the next level of study. Foreign language workbooks can expand your student’s language skills and world. There are countless possibilities as wide as your student’s interests.

Educational Games

Be sure not to forget the role of educational games in your student’s enrichment. A quick search for educational games online will reveal many possibilities for all grade levels and interests. You’ll find everything from math games and word games to strategy games and skill-building games. If you’re worried about your student having too much screen time, you can introduce him or her to traditional board games like chess, checkers, mystery games or strategy games.

With a little extra effort on your part, you can provide your student with the enrichment he or she needs to thrive academically and love the challenge of it.