Different types of easy to use an online payment system


If you are a small, medium or a large business and want to take card payments online, then you will have to keep a tablet or a phone that is connected to the payment app/website of bills as well as you can send the invoice of the bill to the customers.

To accept online payment, you will have to follow some rules and regulation and register yourself so that you can keep a card machine at your business as well as you can take card payment online with the help of your bank’s payment gateway.

These are the list of online payment system which are easy to use:- 

  • WorldPay online:-

The WorldPay Company is one of the largest companies in the UK, which handles over 40% of the online transaction that takes place in the UK.

If you take a service from this company, then you can accept more than 116 currencies and take payment from all major debit and credit card.

They also open a merchant bank account for you in which the money that you have received from your customers is kept.

There is no taking a small amount of money from your transaction they charge monthly some amount of money for the transactions done.

  • Shopify :-

Shopify is an E-commerce platform in the UK which is just like PayPal, but this help to set up the payment of your business online through web hosting.

Like Amazon, this site also has a sales page where you can surf the best option for your business and pay for its installation as well as service.

Transaction fees are 2.2% if you have the basic plan and 1.6% if you have taken the advanced plan. It also takes monthly fees like in basic it is 29 pound and advanced is 299 pound and advanced contains website, blog and SSL certificate.

  •  PayPal online :-

PayPal is one of the first names you will think of as you all might have heard of it, and it has over 200 Million UK shoppers that use PayPal almost every year.

Also, there is 7 Million business that takes payment through PayPal as it is very safe and also trusted by many people around the world.

There is one thing that its fees is not that cheap. You have to pay 1.9% to 3.4 % depending upon the size of your business and daily transactions.

  • Stripe :-

Stripe is rapidly becoming the most famous online payment system due to transparency in pricing as well as ease in its integration.

You can also take card payment and also you can use the feature of the recurring bill and direct debit feature. You will need to provide your own shopping website and a payment portal as well.

They do not take any monthly, setup or hidden fees but they charge 1.4% interest on European card and 2.9% on non-European card.

I hope that you get all the answers you are seeking in this article.