Bring Wow Factor to Your Retail Space


When a customer walks into your store, their eyes should light up and look around. That feeling of wonder will encourage them to browse, and more importantly, come back. New stores, as well as established ones, sometimes have a hard time getting this reaction. If your decor has gone stale, and you’re looking for the wow factor, then follow these suggestions.

Create a Focal Point

Retail stores are about more than just the products they sell. People shop for the experience, or else they would simply order everything online. Don’t fall into the trap of plastering product displays all over your walls. Create a mood and portray your brand identity with a bold focal point. One memorable mural or large sculpture will set your store apart from the rest. It will be what customers talk to their friends about. If art is not your thing, then consider wall graphics Commerce CA. Large bold prints or a texture wall can make just as much of an impact.

Invite Customers To Stay Awhile

Many large retailers invest a lot of money to examine their customer’s dwell time. Dwell time is a measurement of how long people stay in your store. This statistic is important because it directly relates to sales. The longer people stay in your store, the more likely they are to buy something.

Create a comfortable place for shoppers to sit down and collect their thoughts. Maybe they will think of something they need. These little areas are a lifesaver for mothers who are shopping with their children. If the kids can sit and zone out on their phones, that mother will stay and shop for hours.

Upgrade The Flooring

The flooring in a retail space can make all the difference in a design. It is difficult to portray an upscale concept with dingy linoleum floors. Mix different types of flooring to highlight particular products and displays. You can also utilize this technique to create pathways through the store. Once you succeed at getting shoppers to follow the path, you can lead them towards anything.